The National Summer Learning Association reports among 6-12 year olds food insufficiency is associated with poor scores, grade repetition, anxiety and more. Whole Again provides the academic enrichment necessary to bridge the gap from summer learning loss. During the summer of 2014, JE Williams and Associates, LLC conducted a comprehensive evaluation of the participant data collected at 22 Whole Again Summer Food and Enrichment sites.  A summary of the most significant results is shown below.

In matched score comparisons, females made greater gains in reading than males at public sites (13.4 vs. 7 percentage points) while male math scores were higher than female scores (10.7 vs. 9.8) percentage points. At parochial sites, the reading scores increased by 3.8 percentage points for males and 7.6 percentage points for females; the math scores increased by about 14 percentage points for males and 5.2 percentage points for females. Overall, there were improvements by gender at all but one site. Parochial sites showed gains in all grade levels for reading and math. Public sites showed gains in all grade levels for reading and math except for grades seven and eight which had base sizes less than three. The evaluation results demonstrate that Whole Again fulfilled its primary goals of risk reduction related to preventing hunger and learning loss……J.E. Williams and Associates, LLC 2014.